Saturday, September 21, 2013

RSS in Education

I am familiar with RSS readers, and enjoy using The Old Reader personally, but I never really thought about using one in the classroom. I like the idea of having one spot that can be set up for students to go to where they can find safe, age appropriate content. This sure beats the old method of trying to bookmark each site that you want students to go to for research, or expect students to type in a long URL without making any errors, or follow instruction through several steps to get to the part of the site you want them to get to! I am particularly excited to try this out with my 1st graders when we get our classroom blog up and running. I think it'll be a great place for students to be able to check in and see new activity on their blog or on the classroom blog. Here is my screencast explaining several ways to use RSS in the elementary classroom:

I had never used a screencast tool before this assignment. I can see this being useful if posting a lesson or tutorial for students and parents to use at home! (I've always used the document camera to capture video clips for these purposes.) I think it would be helpful to show how to navigate to educational sites that we want students to use at home or resources available for parents on our district website which can be difficult for some to navigate.